Office Fitout



Office fitout is the relationship between the building fabric and the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. Office fit out has a wide range of different forms depending on the requirements of the occupant. The final fit-out is completed by a specialist appointed by the occupant contrary to the construction completed by the developer. office fitout companies Melbourne are great. There are various categories of office fitouts depending on the layout of the office.

Office fitout services Melbourne

Category A fitout

This is the developer completes the tenant’s space. This category has no standard definition, and it is generally expected to include: internal surface finishes, mechanical and electrical services. The tenant may agree to contribute to the developer towards category a fitout in case the occupant has specific requirements. This arrangement saves time and money which may be used to change the fitout.


Category B fitout

The completion of the fitout of the internal space.It mainly includes the Office fitout companies Melbournefinishing and branding, installing meeting rooms, furniture installation and installing IT equipment. The developer may ask the tenant to carry out works of sensitive category A to be at less risk of damage. In such cases, the developer will have to inquire the cost and refund the tenant.


The shell and core

They cover the structure and key external works. This fitout project also extends to the main phases of the building for example car parking, toilets, reception areas, lift shafts and basements. The shell and core are highly compromised by space provision in common areas.


Turnkey development is the complete and ready for use office. Turnkey projects also provide the occupant with spaces already fully-fitted and prepared to use. It is wise to always discuss with an excellent building company to get the best turnkey project. Always ask for advice from a professional before deciding on a specific company contract. A reasonable deal still highlights what work is to be done, by whom and should include schedules of work.