Repairing A Washing Machine’s Water Pump

When it comes to laundry, a washing machine is highly necessary and needs to be kept in good running condition. Washing machine’s are incredibly durable and very expensive appliances. When a problem arises within the machine, it is beneficial to repair the washing machine because it is less expensive than to replace the entire machine. Often times this type of repairing takes a very minimal skill and not many tools are required as well. This helps for you to save both time and money as well.

There are many issues that can arise that will indicate that the water pump is failing such as the tub in the machine does not drain, or you hear a loud rumbling sound coming within it. These signs will indicate that the water pump probably needs to be replaced.

There are several actions that will need to be taken to replace a washing machine’s water pump. Making sure that the water pump is definitely the isse before you replace the pump is the number one key. You will need to locate the information on the model of the machine, as well as the manufacturing information on it. Move the washing machine to a place where it easily accessible, then you will need to turn the machine on it’s side so that you can access the motor and the water pump from under the bottom of the washer. Remove the discharge hoses and the spring clamps that connect to the water pump itself. Then pull the pump away from the motor and match it up with the new pump to make sure that they are identical to each other, this way you will be able to tell right away if you will be able to fix it then, or if you will have to wait for another part.

Slide the new pump into the exact position that the old pump was in, and to stablize the new pump you will need to make sure to push the pump completely against the motor. After this, you will then need to hook up the hoses and the spring clamps to the proper places and make sure that they are securely in place. The last thing you will need to do, is to install the washing machine back to its original place and do a test run with it to make sure that there are no leaks coming from it. Then your washing machine will be ready to use again.

In conclusion, it is important to make sure that you follow all of the steps correctly, so that you will not be surprised with any issues that can occur. Replacing the machine’s water pump is the best decision to make because it is cheaper and easier, and this means that you will be able to save plenty of money, as well as your time. Making sure that your washing machine is running properly is away to save you money, time, less hassle, and this all makes for a happy life.

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